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about anni



I am the owner of Coastal Connect Realty and have been in the real estate industry over 30 years.  I was born into the business.  My Dad is a Realtor and at a early age he gave me my first job.  I was mesmerized and curious about other people's living spaces.  Over the course of 30 years I've gained enormous experience with nearly every buying and selling situation.  I thrive on building relationships with my clientele and changing the perspective of the real estate industry. Building a connection and understanding my clients' needs is the catalyst that changes the entire experience.  I work by referral only and with a select group.  I want my clients to know that I choose them as much as they choose me.  I am by their side the entire time.  I have always enjoyed real estate.  There is something special about helping someone with their home.  Many of my clients become my lifelong friends.
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